Steak Selections



Executive Chef Shane Johnson and his team source only the best beef from some of the top cattle producers across the country. Chef Shane plans extensive dry age programs, specialty cuts, and Prime beef selections on a weekly basis, allowing our steak selections to constantly offer something new for our guests to try. In the restaurant, all of our bone in items receive a brief smoke treatment to enhance the natural robustness and richness of our steaks. Then, they are cooked over an Oak fired grill inspired by the Argentinian Parilla, an open fire wood grill that allows our team to season the steaks with smoke just as we do salt, to add another layer of depth and complexity to an already top of the line product.

When combined with our extensive wine list, cocktails, or seafood & shellfish selections, the robust flavors and warm hospitality create a unique and unmatched dining experience perfect for that special occasion or just a great night out. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and in order to help us elevate your experience, please inform us of anything we can do to make your experience extra special.

Filet Mignon*

Black Angus


6oz, 1 ¾”
Black Angus


10oz, 2 ¼”
Bone-In, Revier Ranch, All Natural Black Angus


14oz, 2 ½”

Strip Loin*

Revier Ranch, Wet Aged, All Natural Black Angus


14oz, 1 ½”
Prime, 30 Day Dry Aged, Bone-In, Black Angus


22oz, 1 ¼”

To Share*

Filet Flight, Four 2oz Medallions, Bernaise, Malbac & Maldon, Au poivre, Porcini


8oz, 1”
Porter House, Revier Ranch, Bone-In, All Natural Black Angus


48oz, 2 ¾”
Ribeye, Tomahawk, Revier Ranch, Bone-In, All Natural Black Angus


48oz, 2 ¾”

Temperature Guide

Rare: cool, red center
Medium Rare: warm, red center
Medium: hot, pink center
Medium Well: hot, slight trace of pink in center, mostly grey
Well Done: hot center, grey throughout
Black and Blue: charred outside, extra rare, cold center
Pittsburgh: charred outside, please specify desired internal temperature


Truffle Butter* $6
Garlic-Herb Butter* $5
Foie Gras Butter*, herb roasted mushrooms, blackberry reduction $8
7 oz Lobster Tail* $20
Oscar Style* $15
Cajun Rub with Ancho Chili Butter* $5
Coffee Rub* $5
Porcini Rub* with aged Balsamic $5
Au Poivre* $5
Chimichurri* $5
Rosemary-Orange Chimichurri* $5
Grilled Colossal Shrimp * $9
3 Grilled Scallops* with Garlic Herb Butter & Lemon $21
Half Pound Alaskan King Crab Legs*, grilled with truffle herb butter $30
Maytag Blue Cheese Crusted* with bacon and scallion $8

Executive Chef – Shane Johnson

* Gluten Free  ☙ Gluten Free with omitting the bread items in description
Consumer Advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
All menu items are subject to availability.
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