Chicken Tenders




Mac and Cheese


Sliced Filet


grilled sliced beef tenderloin
Popcorn Shrimp


grilled or fried shrimp


Choose 1 Side

French Fries

Mashed Potatoes


Small Salad

Hospitality Included: Each member of the service team is paid an hourly wage plus commission, reflected as a 16% service charge on the bill. The service team member receives 100% of the commission. Kyle G’s includes the opportunity for our guests to provide additional gratuity to their service team member, in which they will receive 100% of this gratuity. All of our members are offered full benefits, including health, dental, vision & life insurance, 529 savings plan, 401K, paid time off for hourly and management positions, tuition reimbursement & maternity leave. Should you have any further questions, our management team would be happy to explain in further detail. See our Service Charge Disclosure
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